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Investment in students means investing in staff and engaging parents. Effective school leadership teams, the best teachers, skilled supporting staff all benefiting from continuing professional development underpin our students’ success.

We recognise that one model does not fit all, but instead commit to a set of values that does. By ensuring that our academies adhere to these values, we enable the greatest opportunities for success are presented to all our students and staff.

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Wardle Trust is an academy trust that offers school support services that are designed around the continuous improvement of an educational environment, allowing school leaders the freedom to focus on improving the teaching and learning of their students.

Our academy partners receive the resources and expertise that ensure the ongoing progress of the school business, thus enabling teachers to dedicate their time to raising the standard of the quality of teaching within the academy.



Our vision is to provide dynamic and innovative learning communities within Greater Manchester and Yorkshire that are committed to achievement and empower their students to be the best they can be.

Successful schools can take many shapes and face different challenges, but at their centre are motivated students, knowledgeable and skilled with a propensity to want to learn more. Our aim is to equip those learners with the tools that will enable them to make the right choices; to motivate them to want to keep learning for a lifetime and give them the capability to lead and support others to do the same.


We aspire to lead in everything that we do within all our academy learning communities.  The greatest leaders in our society embody the values and spirit that we believe will enable our students become successful and caring members of our global community.

Our Academy partners’ learning communities seek to develop individuals that are driven to make a positive difference to the world in which we live through our values. Accountability, Strength, Passion, Integrity, Respect and Endurance.

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