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Image: Wardle Academy HMI Monitoring Visit - Full report

Wardle Academy HMI Monitoring Visit - Full report

Posted by Admin18 on 18 May 2017 at 10:36

HMI Report from Monitoring Visit carried out on Monday 20th March 2017

On Monday 20th March 2017, a Monitoring Visit of our partner school Wardle Academy was carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Pippa Jackson Maitland. This was a follow-up to the Ofsted inspection of February 2016 which found the school to ‘require improvement’. The purpose of the monitoring visit is to determine whether effective action is being taken to deal with the areas requiring improvement and whether or not further monitoring visits are necessary before the next full Ofsted Inspection.

The most important point contained within the report is as follows:

• Senior leaders, governors and the Trust are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent Section 5 inspection in order to become a good school.

Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Jackson Maitland, met with many of our students and staff as well as senior leaders and members of the Governing Body and Trust. She observed a range of different lessons, carried out a scrutiny of pupils’ work, achievement data and other school documentation.

This link will take you to the full HMI report for Wardle Academy. This report was be published on the Ofsted website on Thursday 27th April 2017.

We have drawn together the key points from the report so that everyone has a clear idea of the areas where we have made the most progress over the past year and the areas for development.

Improvements noted in the HMI report March 2017:

• Governors now have a very clear focus on the academy’s performance. Governors are ambitious for the academy and are ‘dynamic’ and ‘strategic’ in their approach.

• The academy now has ‘clear lines of accountability’ which ensure that staff are held to account by governors for pupils’ outcomes.

• Fixed term exclusions have been significantly reduced and a much more strategic approach is being taken which is driven by the need to protect the learning of all students.

• Pupils’ behaviour has improved and there is now a clear focus on developing good learning habits.

• All academy staff are now aware of the need for strong outcomes for SEND and disadvantaged pupils. (These were already much improved in 2016 compared to 2015 and for SEND students they were very
      good when compared to other schools but we recognise the need to maintain this improvement)

• Overall attendance has improved

• There is now a ‘relentless focus’ on teaching and learning and the three initiatives, ‘Strong starts’, ‘Green Pen Tasks’ and ‘Go Green Weeks’ are all starting to have a positive impact

• Preparation and planning for lessons is now much stronger

• Questioning in lessons is now being used much more carefully to ‘encourage engagement, focus thinking, challenge misconceptions and deepen understanding’

• Monitoring programmes (Book Looks, lesson drop-ins, data checks) are now more rigorous and are bringing about improvement

The impact of our actions is now evaluated much more thoroughly. We make sure things are working ‘before moving on’.

The HMI Report also says that the academy should take further action to:

• Identify those pupils who have already met or exceeded their academic targets, celebrate their achievements and set new targets

• Revise the school’s action plans so that they are succinct and have clearly defined deadlines

We agree with both these points and work has already begun to address them.

Whilst we are very pleased that the HMI Report recognises the improvements which have been made and the hard work of students, staff and governors we are now looking forward to continuing the process so that we can provide the very best education for all our children at the Academy.


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