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Image: Wardle Trust: Helping you recruit the best teachers

Wardle Trust: Helping you recruit the best teachers

Posted by Admin18 on 18 Sep 2018 at 14:39

Finding the right teachers, with the right skills, to fill positions in schools is becoming a challenge. 

Recruitment is a time-consuming and costly business, and can sometimes lead to a situation where employed teachers spend too much time on trying to fill vacancies, and not enough teaching kids.  Wardle Trust can help with this.

Centralised recruitment, leading to better staff, more opportunities and the pooling of teaching talent

Wardle Trust has a dedicated website where specific vacancies within member schools and academies are advertised.

It is their job to find the right candidates, for the appropriate roles – and that involves sourcing, vetting and placing great teachers with the appropriate experience, into the right roles, and then working with them to further develop their skills, career development, etc. 

Doing this on behalf of member academies, removes a huge admin burden, and also leads to more efficient and cost-effective recruitment across the MAT.

A highly successful approach to recruitment of new teachers

Wardle Trust has been highly successful over the years in attracting great teaching talent.  But there is more work to be done.

We gather CVs, vet candidates and fit the right teaching skills, to the right position/school

“We advertise positions, get people to send their CVs into us, and then remain in contact until a suitable position arises,” said Wardle.

“We find that, in most cases, something does come up eventually and we are able to attract some super teaching talent on behalf of our member academies.”

Working for a MAT academy member is something teachers want and prefer

Most teachers want to work for an established school so they can benefit from the best employment package, opportunities and future prospects.

The perception is that by working for a member of a MAT, they will not only secure the best terms, but the greatest reward. 

Is your teacher recruitment bogging you down and taking up too much time?  Maybe Wardle Trust can help?

Who are we?  We’re Wardle Trust.  We represent multiple academies across Greater Manchester.  By recruiting exceptional support staff, leaders and teachers, we aim to set new standards in school efficiency, teaching quality and service provision, fuelling success, rewards and opportunities for our amazing community.  If you want to know more about our wider service provision and how it can benefit your academy, give Wardle Trust a call on: 01706 373911, or contact us by email at: info@wardle.co.uk


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