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Image: Wardle Trust: Introducing positive changes to shape your future

Wardle Trust: Introducing positive changes to shape your future

Posted by Admin18 on 18 Sep 2018 at 15:26

When you become a convertor academy, many things change.  You will remain responsible for your own finances, for example, and have far great autonomy when it comes to making decisions, previously made in tandem with your local authority.  All of this can be burdensome and time-consuming, and, for some, prove to be a real headache.

Wardle Trust, an MAT (multi-academy trust) works with member academies and schools to strengthen their services, improve teaching standards, to generate cost savings and to provide specific support when it comes to management, leadership and effective governance.

What might change when you convert to academy status?

Whilst you will still retain your identify, uniform, term dates, local governance, admission arrangements etc, other things will change when you become an academy.

You will have greater flexibility within the curriculum model that you use, more opportunities to support wide-ranging community initiatives and projects, greater governing body effectiveness and accountability, control over your own resources and your premises, and access to additional funding to reinvest into your school.

But all of this can be difficult to manage internally, particularly if your school is under-performing, in special measures, or simply doesn’t have the right staff or time to do things properly.

It makes sense, therefore, to join a progressive MAT community like that offered through Wardle Trust.

Joining a MAT is a viable and sensible solution for most

Wardle helps academies and schools just like yours to tackle these new issues, to make best use of your funds, strengthen your governance and leadership, to recruit the best teaching talent, benefit from having access to better facilities and to help streamline your services. 

Bespoke approaches for different schools

No two schools are the same; they are often in different positions, therefore, the support that Wardle provides will differ according to individual needs.

In addition, some schools will prefer to stay with existing providers (including the best of some local authority provision). The Wardle Trust recognises this by offering bespoke packages to all potential partners, in ways that work for both parties.

Who are we?  We’re Wardle Trust.  We represent multiple academies across Greater Manchester.  By recruiting exceptional support staff, leaders and teachers, we aim to set new standards in school efficiency, teaching quality and service provision, fuelling success, rewards and opportunities for our amazing community.  If you want to know more about our wider service provision and how it can benefit your academy, give Wardle Trust a call on: 01706 373911, or contact us by email at: info@wardle.co.uk


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