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Image: Wardle Trust: Optimising your buying power

Wardle Trust: Optimising your buying power

Posted by Admin18 on 18 Sep 2018 at 13:39

More and more schools and academies are choosing to join a multi-academy trust (MAT) to learn from best practice, raise standards and to maximise their budgets.  The Government wants more schools to join MATs like Wardle Trust, but how will that help to improve your buying power?

Together schools have more buying power than each working independently

Firstly MATs come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have multiple, local members, others are much smaller, representing just a few schools from their locality.

Irrespective of the arrangements and set-up, it’s obvious that working with other schools when it comes to managing finances, maintaining budget controls and improving your buying power, is going to be more beneficial than working alone.

Take Wardle Trust, for example.  They employ buyers that are briefed to get the best deal for their members. They are able to negotiate a good rate because very often they are buying in bulk on behalf of member academies.

From office stationery, to IT facilities, furniture and even specialist teaching aids like whiteboards, books and AV projectors, saving money on practical items like those mentioned, can make a huge difference to your budgeting, available cash and ability to invest in other things. 

Bulk buying power: a key reason why schools choose to join a MAT

As the squeeze on budgets continues in the education sector, more schools are turning to collaboration with others (through MAT membership) to benefit from group purchasing deals.  Most schools find that this drives new efficiencies, improves standards and saves a significant amount of money that they can better invest in the education of their students. 

There are, of course, many other financial services that MATs provide to member academies and schools. 

From managing your payroll, to producing accounts, dealing with financial problems, budgeting, and the day-to-day management of expenses and receipts, centralisation of your finance operations can save time, money and fuel your future success.

Schools are strongest when they work together

By joining a MAT like Wardle Trust, you will benefit from their financial experience, sound management, bulk purchasing power and professional accounts handling. That means you’ll have more time and freedom to focus on teaching. 

Who are we?  We’re Wardle Trust.  We represent multiple academies across Greater Manchester.  By recruiting exceptional support staff, leaders and teachers, we aim to set new standards in school efficiency, teaching quality and service provision, fuelling success, rewards and opportunities for our amazing community.  If you want to know more about our wider service provision and how it can benefit your academy, give Wardle Trust a call on: 01706 373911, or contact us by email at: info@wardle.co.uk  

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