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Image: Wardle Trust: Strengthening your services provision

Wardle Trust: Strengthening your services provision

Posted by Admin18 on 18 Sep 2018 at 13:51

Joining a MAT like Wardle Trust is seen to be a good move for schools that have recently become academies.  But why?  Group membership allows you to share knowledge, services and facilities, recruitment, to cost save, as well as learning from best practice. 

Are you going solo or intent on joining a MAT?

It’s a big decision, but it’s one that more and more schools are now deciding to make.  Joining with other likeminded schools and becoming a member of a local MAT (multi-academy trust), leads to many advantages.

So why should schools consider becoming part of a MAT?

Better teaching and learning outcomes for students

In its Governance Handbook, the DfE states a preference for governance structures that take in more than one school and create opportunities for “higher quality governance”.  They argue that this ultimately translates into better teaching and better learning outcomes for students.

But it’s the sharing of resources, expertise and services that can make the real difference to schools that are struggling to handle the additional responsibilities that come with academy status.

A new range of services and facilities to strengthen your offering

Membership of Wardle Trust opens up a new range of expertise to schools - from catering services, to PE support, opportunities for musical tuition, access to great sports facilities, financial advice, effective governance and much more. 

More schools are opting to join a MAT given they don’t have access to the broad range of facilities that membership leads to, or have the internal expertise to manage their own services professionally, and within budget.

Easing the day-to-day management burden

By sharing services and helping to better manage your facilities, equipment and processes, etc your staff and teachers can concentrate on guiding and teaching the kids in their care – which is what they should be doing!

It’s not just about sharing physical assets and services

But it’s not just physical assets and services that can be transferred between member schools.  Things like teaching ideas, best practice and training opportunities can all be shared too, so that stronger academies can help weaker ones, to improve, based on their experiences.

Who are we?  We’re Wardle Trust.  We represent multiple academies across Greater Manchester.  By recruiting exceptional support staff, leaders and teachers, we aim to set new standards in school efficiency, teaching quality and service provision, fuelling success, rewards and opportunities for our amazing community.  If you want to know more about our wider service provision and how it can benefit your academy, give Wardle Trust a call on: 01706 373911, or contact us by email at: info@wardle.co.uk



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